Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beware Phoenix Gold LLC is a SCAM gold silver website!

Welcome to Phoenix Gold LLC is a SCAM website blog.

I have created this blog as a way to collect and share information for people who may have been scammed by the website , like I was.
I was fooled by this professional looking website and purchased silver coins from them.
I sent a money order to the address on my order, 1735 Market St ste A #503, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
I never received my coins and have now found out that this is a SCAM website.

Have you also been taken by this website?
What are our options for bringing this criminal to justice?
I realize that it may be a longshot, but how can we try to get our $$ returned?
Who should we file a report with: Philly police Dept? FBI? USPS?
Perhaps a private investigator or lawyer might have experience in this area?
I figure by gathering more people who have been affected by this person/website, we may have more of a voice and possibly someone in authority will take some action for us.
Strength and voice in numbers.

Normally with an internet fraud case I would have little hope of anything happening as far as justice is concerned, but because this website is registered to a Mr. Hashim Sharif of 2533 N. 32nd St Philadelphia PA 19321, vs someone in Nigeria or another international location, I figured we may have a chance. I have no idea if this is a fictiocious person or not, but at least the address is in PA.

What have I done so far in my personal case?
So far, I have inquired to the Philly Police Dept as to what action I can take.  I live in Hawaii so I am hopeful I can file a report online or over the phone with them as I cannot appear in person. I will post a update with their response or reccomndation once I hear back from them.
I have also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so that others may avoid dealing with these crooks if they take the time to reseach them.
I also filed a cliam with the USPS since I sent funds via a Money Order and I am hopeful the Postmaster General will look into this case. I will post an update if I hear anything back from the USPS.
I have also filed a complain with the Federal Trade Commission although I dont think this is their area.
I also filed a complaint with the INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT CENTER (IC3)
I believe this will be the agency that looks into this type of activity.
I am considering contacting the FBI and seeing if the have a internet fraud division.
I would love to hear from anyone else who has been taken by this scam website and anyone else who may have any good ideas on how we can stop this from happening and possibly get some funds returned and put someone in Jail.

What can you do if Phoenix Gold LLC  has scammed you?
 Here's what I think will help the most:

1. File a report with the Philadelphia Police Dept. the more people who file reports about the same website, the more likely we are that the police will investigate. You can do this over the phone. Here is the information I got from them.
Thank you for contacting the City of Philadelphia's 311 Contact Center. 
Please file a report with the Police.  Dial 215-686-8686 and ask the agent to
connect you over to Police. 
Again, thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.  Please let us know if
you have any further questions.
Katie, Philly 311 Contact Center

2. File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
Again, the more people who make noise about these guys the better.
Go to and file out the information.

If I have any other suggestions I will try to post them regarding this issue.
Thank you,